Hello, I am Katie.


I’m a mum of three, business owner and wellbeing practitioner. I blend kinesiology with other modalities including brain foundations and primitive reflexes, total body modification (TBM), medical intuition, glands and hormones, access consciousness and reiki to support you on your wellbeing journey. 


Katie Anderson
Diploma in Kinesiology - International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice (ICPKP)

My body did the talking

During a period of juggling newborns, toddlers, study and the creation of my business, my body was going through a state of nervous system stress.  My body was loudly communicating with me – unhappily and I went into adrenal fatigue, suffered from hormonal issues and, at just 35, was told I was going into early menopause.

My journey back to wellbeing

This was the very moment that my journey to unlock and understand the stress that was being held in my body began. I uncovered parts of me I didn’t know existed and released layers of limiting thoughts, beliefs and childhood patterns that held me back throughout my entire life. 

Kinesiology unlocked my potential

Through kinesiology, I’ve been on a holistic and spiritual journey to wellbeing. It's a modality that has allowed me to work through many layers of physical, energetic and emotional imbalances to align my nervous system and physical health.

I am passionate about what I do for you

I understand the difference in who I am because of the work I have done on myself and wish the same for everyone in this world to be living their potential and accessing the great gifts on offer. 

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