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10 Weeks to a Happy, Healthy You!


All inclusive 10 week program.
Commencing 15th of April, 2019

Throughout this ten week program you will create and discover a new relationship with your body.  Understand and release fundamental deep core beliefs and issues sabotaging your goals.  Find a way to prioritise your time and your health with ease.  Create new strategies for your health and wellbeing that are sustainable for a stronger foundation of you. You will learn how to shift your mindset to be more present with your life, your relationships and your body to put you back in the drivers seat.



• 5 sessions per fortnight – in person, via skype or phone
• 1 weekly call and check in to keep on track and see how you’re processing and discuss insights from the home exercises
• Home play exercises
• Email support
• Nutrition/supplement plan
• Individualised bottle of flower and crystal essences to help support you through the changes



5 sessions include:

Session One:

This session is a deep dive into your goals and the fundamental issues standing in the way of your progress. Identify the sabotage programs blocking your road to health and how they are serving you. Identify the lifestyle issues and mental overload triggering your body into a state of stress. Look at the judgements you have of yourself and what the inner dialogue is in your mind, which prevents you from showing up to be all that you be.

Session Two:

Identify the on board and hidden stresses and patterns you are displaying in your body. This includes a full physical protocol addressing imbalances across the endocrine, digestive, immune, muscular and/or nervous systems that show as a priority. We will look at how your body is holding stress and what the lifestyle and mental triggers are. And determine if this is a genetic pattern your body is mimicking. Suggest ways to best support your body nutritionally and a full supplementation protocol if required.

Session Three:

Access bars and body process healing. This is a nurturing and relaxing process to help release stuck energy from the body and eliminate the limiting thought processes holding you back. Think of erasing old files from your computer to create extra space to show up and be more present in your life without all the junk filling up space.

Session Four:

This session will be a follow up from the first two sessions to address the physical and emotional patterns and release further layers on a deeper level. Here we can identify deep belief systems anchoring in some of your present stress and look at the priority issues showing on either a physical, biochemical, emotional or energetic pathway.

Session Five:

This session will be spent mapping out future goals and lifestyle changes that are both sustainable and which reflect your inner core values. This process is left to the last session to ensure all the emotional stress and debris has first been cleared so that your goals are in true alignment with what you really want. Often our goals are unattainable because we have such an unmerciful internal dialogue built on high expectations. Goals can still be far reaching but without all the additional angst and pressure we place on them. Through this session we will ensure your goals match and align with every part of your being.

This program is more than just a look at the physical body and external pressures in your life. It is a deep dive into the way you do things and why and allows you to reassess your priorities to ensure everything comes from a place of ease and that which truly works for you. This way your body is in allowance for your life and all the possibilities of you. Are you ready to show up in your life and be open to receiving all the contributions of you?

Limited spaces available. An energetic space is held throughout this program to leverage the contribution and magic you benefit from group success so spaces are confined to a small group.

All inclusive 10 week program.
Commencing 15th of April, 2019
Cost - $1,000
Payment instalments are available upon request.

To book call +61 406 560 630 today or enquire on the link below


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